Welcome to Heartful Path Therapy

JI began my social work career in 1992 working with people who were homeless in Seattle. At that time, my focus was chiefly on addressing homelessness from a social justice perspective by including homeless people in the political process. By the mid 1990s, I served in AmeriCorps – where I had the time of my life creating an education program for homeless youth. Though not yet a therapist, it was these early experiences where I found that people could find solutions to life’s problems when given the support, encouragement, and tools to discover it for themselves. It was not until I was in graduate school at Portland State when I first tried my hand at therapy, working with Vietnam Veterans at the VA Hospital.

Since graduating with my MSW in 2001, I have had an extraordinary career providing therapy in a variety of settings; including homeless shelters, residential programs, HIV/AIDS organizations, a correctional facility, and community mental health agencies. I have had the privilege of serving diverse groups of people including those living with serious mental illness, survivors of trauma and abuse, people struggling with addiction, self-injury, eating disorders, and those facing their own mortality.

For me, regardless of who I have worked with, I have always been astounded by the ability of people to not only overcome the struggles in their lives, but to move beyond suffering and learn to lead lives worth living.


J Workman-Purvine, LCSW